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Painting in St Mark’s Square in Venice

Painting in St Mark’s Square in Venice

Carol is an award-winning artist who has enjoyed painting watercolors, acrylics, and oils in all sizes for over 30 years.  

Art has been a long journey for Carol.  She began later in life, after her last child was born at Carol’s ripe old age of 40.  You can do the math--if that sort of thing interests you, but here are some other juicy things about Miss Carol.

Carol has lived in 9 states, including Hawaii, where she taught Watercolor for two years at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.  She has also taught watercolor in her private studios and on other campuses, including Dixie State University in St. George, where she currently lives.

Carol has traveled to over 20 countries! She has painted, photographed and sketched what caught her eye throughout her journeys, and always keeps her suitcase packed for the next adventure.

Currently, Carol has given near total commitment to transparent watercolor.  She is a member of the Dixie Watercolor Society, Southwest Utah Art Guild, and Utah Watercolor Society.

She loves children and cats, which is good, because she has 22 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  If they aren’t enough to keep her entertained, she also loves her Ragdoll cat, Mr. Jackson!

She invites you to join her on this wonderful, joyous journey of Art Discovery and ownership, and thanks you for visiting her page.